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Secondary Stroke Prevention Clinics (SPC)

***The Stroke Prevention Clinic is an outpatient clinic and does NOT replace an Emergency Department. If you have signs or symptoms of a stroke, call 911 right away!!***

Our goal is to reduce the incidence of stroke by:

• Providing early assessment and interventions
• Providing fast access to diagnostic tests
• Providing education to patients and family members about reducing risk for stroke

Our services include:

• Fast access to stroke specialists
• Rapid access to diagnostic tests
• Risk factor screening and counseling
• Referrals to neurosurgical services
• Referrals to outpatient services as needed

What to expect at the Stroke Prevention Clinic:

• You will meet with a doctor and/or a nurse who specializes in stroke prevention care
• They will discuss your medical history, risk factors and medications
• They may order medical tests and/or medications
• They may also suggest lifestyle changes and provide you with information and suggestions on how to lower your risk of stroke

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