Learn the signs of stroke. Face is it drooping? Arms can you raise both? Speech is it slurred or jumbled? Time to call 9-1-1 right away. Act FAST. Lifesaving treatment begins the second you call 9-1-1. Copyright to The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. 2021.

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Call 911 immediately
if you or someone you
know is experiencing
the signs of stroke

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How to Use This Website

The Central South Regional Stroke Network hopes this website helps you find important information about stroke. Our intent is to make this site relatable, relevant, accurate and easy to use. It’s divided into the following sections to make it easier to find what you’re looking for:

  • Information About Stroke, its Effects and Treatment
  • Signs of Stroke
  • Understanding Stroke Risk Factors
  • Life After Stroke
  • Patient Stories

Access Your Living With Stroke Booklet

How to Recognize the Signs of Stroke

Stroke symptoms? Think FAST…

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Stroke symptoms? Think FAST…

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Signs of Stroke

Strokes can happen to anyone, at any age. In Canada, someone has a stroke every nine minutes. A stroke occurs…

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Woman to woman: Don’t ignore the signs of stroke

When Laurie Herron-Weber realized she was having a stroke, she knew…

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Stroke Prevention

When someone has a stroke, every second counts. The ability to recognize the…

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Stroke Recovery Journey Map

The My Stroke Recovery Journey Map is a visual representation of the stroke recovery journey.

It is designed to:

  • Support a conversation at any point along the continuum about next steps in navigating the road ahead
  • Illustrate that stroke recovery is different for everyone
  • Provide teaching about the overall stroke journey
  • Support goal setting conversations
  • Reinforce that recovery takes time and continues beyond the inpatient phase of care

It is intended to reinforce hope and that there is life after stroke.

See Stroke Journey Map Start Your Stroke Recovery Journey

Patient Stories

Stroke Recovery

Just a few weeks ago, Murray Quanz was getting ready for a virtual Mother’s Day visit with his mother-in-law when…

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A Second Chance at Life

The tiles in Dave Dawson’s shower seemed to multiply as his vision started to change.

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Former Toronto Argos Cheerleader Story

When the hometown Hamilton Tiger-Cats added another Labour Day Classic win…

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Stroke Survivor Crochets Again

A former Hamilton Health Sciences patient is turning her passion into productivity. Marilynne Adair’s crochet hobby has…

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Young Patient Volunteers in Stroke Rehab Clinic

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A First Responder Needs Help

In his 33 years as a firefighter, Rich Dykes has been the first on scene to thousands of calls.

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The Central South Regional Stroke Network would like to acknowledge the Central South Regional Stroke Network Patient and Family Advisory Council, The Central South Regional Stroke Passport Working Group, Hamilton Health Sciences, our hospital and community stroke service provider partners, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation for their contributions to the development of this website.



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