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April 27 Event Presenters

Pivoting in the Pandemic: Virtual Rehab for Community-based Exercise for Persons with Stroke

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Speech and Hearing Month

May is Speech and Hearing Month

Each year, Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC) dedicates the month of May to raising public awareness about communication health.  Visit […]

Karen Guha

Promoting Recovery at the Bedside – A Virtual NDT Workshop with Karen Guha, PT

Please note: content is for registered participants   Click here for the workshop handout. Click here to complete workshop evaluation. […]

Dr Vincent DePaul

Integrating Motor Learning Strategies into Task-Oriented Rehabilitation After Stroke

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Dr. Lyn Turkstra

Cognitive Rehabilitation After Stroke

  PDF handout of Dr. Turkstra’s presentation Powerpoint slides Link to evaluation Additional Resources: Article about PTA (If you cannot […]


The Long and Winding Road: Recovery from Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Recording of Dr. Shoamanesh Recording of Charmaine Martin-Gaspar, NP Dr. Shoamanesh’s presentation Charmaine Martin-Gaspar’s presentation Link to evaluation Certificate of […]

Dr. Oczkowski

A Holistic Approach to Stroke Care using the Post-Stroke Checklist

Full Recording of Event Dr. Oczkowski’s Slideshow Presentation Post-Stroke Checklist Link to Evalutaion Certificate of Attendance

Doctor Demetrios Sahlas

My Patient Had a Stroke – Now What? Risk Factors, Diagnostics and Secondary Prevention

Dr. Martin O’Donnell’s Presentation Dr. Demetrios J. Sahlas’ Presentation Dr. Sahlas’ Presentation Slides Link to evaluation Certificate of Attendance

Doctor Christine Hawkes

Hyperacute Stroke Care: From DAWN to DEFUSE 3 and Beyond

Dr. Christine Hawkes’ Presentation Dr. Wes Oczkowski’s Presentation: Part 1 Dr. Wes Oczkowski’s Presentation: Part 2 Dr. Christine Hawkes’ Slideshow […]


From Scene to Suite 2020: Regional Paramedic Stroke Workshop

Regional Paramedic Stroke Workshop Agenda – March 4 2020 Presentation 2 – Central South Regional Stroke Endovascular Performance Metrics – […]

Doctor Bill McIlroy

Taking the Stress Out of Aerobic Exercise Workshop- February 25,2020

Cardiac Rehab and the Stroke Population Dr Matthew Foster Realizing the Benefits of Aerobic Exercise – Dr. Bill McIlroy

Dr. Oczkowski

Provincial Stroke Rounds – When Stroke is the Life Ending Event

Presented by Dr. Wes Oczkowski on February 5, 2020. When Stroke is the Life Ending Event _ handouts

Physical therapy

2019 Facilitating Recovery: Interprofessional Best Practices for Stroke Rehab Workshop

2019 Facilitating Recovery Final Agenda Current and Future Trends in Stroke Rehabilitation – Dr Robert Teasell Brain mapping and Clinical […]

Canadian Stroke Best Practice

2019 Racing Against the Clock: Interprofessional Best Practices for Hyperacute/Acute Stroke Care

Agenda Racing Against the Clock – Interprofessional Hyperacute- Acute Stroke Best Practices Workshop- June 5 2019 ICH Recovery and Outcomes – Dr. Lauren Mai  Acute Barriers […]


From Scene to Suite: Central South Stroke – Regional Paramedic Workshop February 28, 2019

Welcome and Introduction to Central South Regional Stroke Network – Stefan Pagliuso Hyperacute Stroke Management: The New Era – Part 1 by Dr. Wes Oczkowski presented by Dr. Luciana Catanese Hyperacute Stroke Management: The […]

Doctor Leora Cherney

Leora Cherney Evidence-Based Aphasia Treatments March 23, 2018

Leora Cherney Aphasia Workshop March 23, 2018 HANDOUT

Central South Regional Stroke Network

Facilitating Recovery: Interprofessional Stroke Rehab Best Practices Workshop June 14, 2018

AGENDA Facilitating Recovery Interprofessional Rehab Stroke Best Practices Workshop 2018- AGENDA.doc Weaving Communicative Access Rochelle Cohen Schneider References Weaving Communicative […]


Racing Against the Clock: Interprofessional Hyperacute/Acute Stroke Best Practice Workshop 2018

Understanding Stroke Anatomy and Brain Imaging- Dawn Tymianski Clearing the Smoke: The Truth about Tobacco Use and Why we should […]

Central South Regional Stroke Network

Hamilton Health Sciences Integrated Stroke Program Annual Review 2018

Stroke Annual Review – Agenda Supportive Conversation for Aphasia Post-Stroke Depression Annual Review 2018 Presentation OT Stroke Annual Review Presentation […]

Physical therapist helping elderly woman

Facilitating Recovery: Interprofessional Best Practices in Rehab Stroke Care Workshop

Bobath Concept Today – Handout Right Hemisphere Stroke – Beyond Left Hemiparesis Managing Executive Function Difficulties Using Metacognitive Strategy Training […]