Archived Provincial Stroke Rounds

Provincial Stroke Rounds – Advance Care Planning in Stroke

Presenters: Dr. Kelvin Ng, Gillian Maguire NP, Leigh Barr SLP Certificate of Attendance Complete The Evaluation Archived Presentation

The Canadian TIA Score – How to Identify High and Low Risk Patients for Subsequent Early Stroke

Presenter: Dr. Jeffy Perry Certificate of Attendance Complete The Evaluation Archived Presentation

Stroke in Young Adults: Patient Reported Outcomes and Psychosocial Needs

Presenter: Dr. Aleksandra Pikula, BSc. (Hon), MD, Dipl. ABPN (USA) Certificate of Attendance Complete The Evaluation Presentation Slides

Evolution of Diagnostic Criteria for Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy

Presenter: Dr. Ravinder Singh, M.B.B.S., D.M. (Neurology), PDF (Stroke) Certificate of Attendance Complete The Evaluation Attendance Form

Advancing Stroke Prevention Care in Canada

Presenters: P. Lindsay (RN PhD), Dr. D. Gladstone, Dr. A. Y. Poppe Watch Now Complete The Evaluation

Health Equity in Stroke Care

Presenter: Dr. Atif Zafar, Assistant Professor, Division of Neurology – University of Toronto and Medical Director, Stroke Program, Unity Health […]

Stroke in young adults: causes, consequences and long-term outcomes

Presenter: Dr. Richard Swartz, Associate Professor, University of Toronto, Director of Stroke Research Unit at Sunnybrook Watch Now

Driving After Stroke: The Art, Science, Legal Implications and Headaches of Reporting our Patients

Presenter: Dr. H Finestone, Physiatrist at Ottawa’s Elisabeth Bruyere Hospital, and Professor at University of Ottawa’s Department of Medicine Watch […]

Building a Sustainable Integrated Stroke System of Care: A population-based approach to bundled care

Presenters: Beth Linkewich, Regional Director, North & East GTA Stroke Network and Nicola Tahair, Regional Director, Toronto West Stroke Network […]

Why 911? Optimizing Stroke Care in Northwestern Ontario

Presenters: Dr Ayman Hassan, Keli Cristofaro and Kristina Visser Watch Now

Stroke and COVID-19: What’s the latest and where can we find resources?

Presenters: Dr. Luciana Catanese and Jean Morrow, RN Watch Now

When Stroke Becomes the Life Ending Event

Presenter: Dr. W. J. Oczkowski Watch Now

Paediatric Code Stroke “Time is Brain” & Paediatric Endovascular Stroke Therapy

Presenter: Dr. Andrea Andrade, MD; CSCN-EEG and Dr. Sachin Pandey, MD, FRCP Watch Now

Stroke Prevention Clinics Best Practice and Beyond

Presenters: Dr. Demetrios Sahlas & Lisa Fronzi Watch Now

Selecting patients for Endovascular Therapy (EVT) 0-6 hours and beyond

Presenter: Dr. Frank Silver, Stroke Neurologist, Toronto Western Hospital, Professor of Medicine (Neurology), University of Toronto, Medical Director, Ontario Telestroke […]

Standards of Care: Preparing for bundled care using an interprofessional cross-continuum best practice resource

Presenters: Beth Linkewich, Regional Program Director & Fatima Quraishi, Regional Education Coordinator from the North & East GTA Stroke Network […]

Rural-Urban Differences in Stroke Incidence, Risk Factors & Care

Presenter: Dr. Moira Kapral, MD, MSc, FRCPC, Professor of Medicine & Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, Senior Scientist, Institute for […]

Home Virtual Visits (E-visit) in the Stroke Prevention Clinic

Presenter: Dr. Ramana Appireddy, MBBS, DM, MSc (Clin Epi), Stroke Neurologist, Assistant Professor of Neurology, Queen’s University Watch Now

An Early Supported Discharge Pilot– Bridging Hospital to Home by Enhancing a Rural Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team

Presenter: Lyndsey Butler, OT Reg. (Ont.) Regional Rehabilitation Coordinator – Southwestern Ontario Stroke Network Watch Now

Low-income and Linguistic Minority Status: Challenges withReturn to Participation Post-stroke

Presenter: Katrine Sauvé-Schenk, PhD, OT,Postdoctoral Fellow ISM and Telfer School of Management Watch Now

Targeting Endovascular Thrombectomy (EVT) – Moving Towards a Streamlined System of Care

Presenter: Dr. Grant Stotts, Director,Ottawa Stroke Program Deputy Head, Division of Neurology, Ottawa Hospital Watch Now

Multi-site interprofessional implementation of the Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) approach in stroke rehabilitation: Results of a multi-faceted Knowledge Translation (KT) intervention

Presenters: Beth Linkewich & Sara McEwan Watch Now

Ontario Stroke Evaluation Report 2018: Stroke Care and Outcomes in Complex Continuing Care and Long-Term Care

Presenters: Ferhana Khan, MPH, Senior Research Manager, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences & Alda Tee, Reg PT, BScPT, MHS, Regional […]

Functional trajectories in intracerebral hemorrhage survivors

Presenter: Ashkan Shoamanesh MD FRCPC, Director,Stroke Fellowship Program, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Neurology), McMaster University Watch Now

Endovascular Thrombectomy (EVT) – Moving Towards a Streamlined System of Care: A Case Study Review

Presenter: Dr. Grant Stotts, Director, Ottawa Stroke Program Deputy Head, Division of Neurology, Ottawa Hospital Watch Now