Leora Cherney Evidence-Based Aphasia Treatments March 23, 2018

Leora Cherney Aphasia Workshop March 23, 2018 HANDOUT

Certificate of Attendance Facilitating Recovery

Certificate-_-Facilitating Recovery June 14 2018

Certificate of Attendance – Racing Against the Clock 2018

Certificate _ Racing Against the Clock_ June 7 2018

Facilitating Recovery: Interprofessional Stroke Rehab Best Practices Workshop June 14, 2018

Presentation Handouts Certificate of Attendance Facilitating Recovery AGENDA Facilitating Recovery Interprofessional Rehab Stroke Best Practices Workshop 2018- AGENDA.doc Weaving Communicative […]

Racing Against the Clock: Interprofessional Hyperacute/Acute Stroke Best Practice Workshop 2018

Understanding Stroke Anatomy and Brain Imaging- Dawn Tymianski Clearing the Smoke: The Truth about Tobacco Use and Why we should […]