Canadian Stroke Best Practices

Canadian Stroke Best Practices Recommendations

The comprehensive up-to-date guide to current best practice guidelines for stroke care across the continuum.

CorHealth Ontario

CorHealth Ontario Quality Based Procedure Resource Centre

Links to clinical tools, protocols and guides to support implementation of stroke best practices across the stroke care continuum.

Stroke Engine

Stroke Engine

A database of evidence-based systematic reviews of interventions in stroke rehabilitation aimed at clinicians, stroke survivors and caregivers. Includes ratings of assessment and interventions.

Heart and Stroke Foundation - Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery

Evidence-Based Review of Stroke Rehabilitation

A comprehensive and up-to-date review of research examining both therapy-based and pharmacological interventions associated with stroke rehabilitation.

Physical therapy

Outpatient & Community Based Rehabilitation

Outpatient and Community-Based Stroke Rehabilitation (Including ESD)

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Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation

Delivery of Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation

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Acute Stroke Care

Acute Inpatient Stroke Care

Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations

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Health Professional Association’s Education Links

Links to various health professional association events and workshops.

Regional and Provincial Maps

View hospitals and District Stroke Centres within Central South and links to Provincial Maps.

More about the Ontario Stroke System and the Central South Regional Stroke Network

Learn about the Central South Region and Organized Stroke Care.

Mission, Vision and Values

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Community Stroke Rehabilitation and Re-integration

Links and downloadable material related to community rehabilitation and reintegration

Central South Regional Stroke Network Education Calendar

Attend workshops and educational seminars on the latest on stroke care.

Meet Our Team and Contact Us

Get in touch with members of the Regional Stroke Team.

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Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation

Links and downloadable material related to Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation

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Acute Stroke Care

Resources related to Acute Stroke Care